The Advantages and Disadvantages of Music In Our Daily Lives

In our world, we come across all sorts and sounds of music during our lives. All of these have different effects on our behaviour, cognitive thoughts and moods.

Music is the language of the soul and has been used over the centuries to entertain, meditate and hypnotise. Our history and culture are closely entwined by musical notes. Music also has a profound effect on the human mind.

So let’s have a look at all the different advantages and disadvantages that music has for us as human beings.

The Advantages of Music

Starting with the positive side of things, the advantages of music are endless. I will be discussing a handful of points, but I am sure that each person would be able to add more advantages from their perspective and experience.

Music Makes You Smarter

I can also refer to the Mozart effect which states that listening to classical music makes you smarter and concentrated for extended periods.

According to science, listening to classical music can raise your IQ by up to 9 points.

One of the reasons is spatial reasoning: This type of activity is used in math, chess and science.

Music Supports Your Concentration

As a teacher, I have music played in the background quite often during the weekly cycle. Some individuals prefer to work in silence, and they are also free to either work with sound-blocking headphones or even work outside of the classroom where they still feel safe and observed.

The majority enjoy having background music at a constant frequency. They finish the session feeling productive and proud that they were able to persevere for the duration of the session.

I can recommend that you read the article I posted about Why Teachers Use Music In Their Classrooms where I provide even more reasoning, types of music and other places I use music during the school day.

Music Motivates Movement

It is quite normal for us as humans to dance and move around when a good song is heard.

Music also has a big impact on the fitness industry. Movement instructors have playlists with the music of various beat paces for their different music courses. It keeps people engaged, motivated and energized to go for the extra pace.

Music Stimulates the Mind

Whether you are reading, working on a project or doing daily chores, music keeps you in the workflow.

You should experiment and decide which genre of music helps you stay focused for a longer period.

I would not recommend listening to a variety of upbeat music while you are trying to concentrate and focus on a task. This would lead to frustration and unproductivity since you will be in a constant battle to regain your concentration.

Especially when it comes to music from your favourite artists. In an article that I wrote recently, I described the phases when it would be more appropriate to listen to new music: When am I usually more open to new music?

It Offers Opportunities and Job Creation

We know that the music world is huge and it provides so many opportunities to all interested and passionate music lovers.

Just to name a few jobs in the music industry:

  • Musicians (All the huge variety)
  • Sound engineering (On stage, off stage, Live recording, studio recording)
  • Production management
  • Event planning
  • Videographer

The list is humongous.

If you are a musician and you are thinking about taking on a side hustle to expand your income, don’t miss the article I wrote about the Best Side Jobs for Musicians. You’ll surely find something applicable to you on the list.

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Kids learning their instruments (Photo credit: Canva)

Music Has Healing Power

Both physically and mentally, music can be a tool to help you with therapy, mental recovery, and pain relief.

Music keeps the mind in an optimistic state that produces positive hormones for the body to support the recovery process.

Music Therapy Repairs Brain Damage

Brain damage is one of the most discussed topics in the world of psychology. People who suffer from brain damage go through tremendous pain and discomfort and their lives are seriously impacted.

New research shows that music can actually repair brain damage and it’s been hypothesized that music therapy can be responsible for neurogenesis, which is the birth of new brain cells.

Music Can Improve Language Proficiency

The relationship between music and language is one of the most fascinating ones in the world.

A recent study (2012) proved a different result from previous studies, that the sides of the brain where music and language find themselves are connected instead of being separated.

Today it’s widely acceptable that these two sides of the brain work together to improve language proficiency.

The Disadvantages of Music

One might wonder what could be the negative side of such an amazing gift of music. But there certainly are some aspects to be careful and aware of.

The disadvantages of music are all factors that impact one’s mental wellness, rebellious behaviour and influencing religious focus.

Wrong Music Builds Up Anxiety

When we listen to the wrong type of music at the wrong time, it has the opposite effect of calming us. Anxiety will build up and one would feel like escaping the situation and gasping for silence and fresh aid.

I love listening to metal music, but it has a counter effect on me when I have a lot on my mind.

The Mind Can Obsess About Certain Songs

Do you know the feeling of not getting a song out of your head? That’s your brain obsessing over a melody and can’t get enough of it.

If you’d like more detailed info on this, check out my post about Why You Can’t Stop Listening To That One Song.

Music Connects Your Brain To a Tragic Moment

Our brains connect the music that we’ve listened to with a sad moment that happened during that period that we’ve listened to that music.

I still remember the exact song I was listening to when I got the news that my grandfather passed away. It was a brilliant song, but even though it’s not the music’s fault, I just can’t hear that song anymore.

Music Can Be Influencing

There’s a reason why many albums had this “Parental Advisory – Explicit Content” on. Especially where the lyrics affect behaviour, it’s rather up to the parents to decide if it’s okay for their kids to listen to.

I remember the Offspring album Americana came out, It was to all of us a grey area of what was allowed for us as 10-12-year-olds to listen to.

Vandalising the Community

We know that if certain types of music fall into the wrong hands, it will surely have a dramatic impact on some parts of the community.

Influential music can lead to rebellious behaviour. That includes rioting, illegal graffiti painting, and general vandalising in your community.

Music Can Lead to Intoxication

The chances are high that the party is out when the music is off, so why does the music at a party have such a huge impact?

It has to do with feeling of the euphoric effect on the brain in connection to the consuming and often misusing of alcohol.

Music Can Mislead Your Beliefs

Many Christians prefer to only listen to gospel music since they believe that the “music of the world” will distance them from God.

Why Is Music Haram?

In Arabic, Haram is the word for sin, and in the most conservative Muslim households, music is forbidden.

I am not an Imam (Islamic preacher), nor am I a Muslim, but I have worked in Saudi Arabia for 14 months as an educator, where I also tutored several Muslim students at their homes. I have also worked with many Muslim colleagues and students for whom I am grateful for their wisdom and knowledge.

The main reason why music is called to be Haram in Islam is that music has the power to take the mind and thoughts away from Allah.

Since Muslims are conservative religious, staying focused on Allah at all times is the centre of their religion. Muslims recite the Koran in a poem or song rhyme which makes it easier for the brain to remember. Listening to pop or alternative music should not interfere with the brain remembering the words of the Koran.

If you have any extra info from your perspective or opinion, kindly add it in the comment section below for me to add and include. We are doing this together 🙂

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