Why Music Videos Impact Our Society

You might think that a music video playing in the background of your home has a neutral or innocent impact. Definitely not. There’s a massive role that music videos play in our daily lives and in this article, we’ll discuss some of these reasons.

Music videos play a crucial role in our environment, our music industry and our society, where the influencers, mentors and role models of our youth are the trendsetters and get to present their image as an example to follow in our society.

As parents or educators, we often see strange behaviour from our kids that makes us wonder where they’ve learned the things they say or do. Our first thoughts are usually that the new behaviour often gets learned from friends.

Remember that our teenagers thrive on learning the latest and newest trends, and these are usually born from our musical talents since music plays such a significant role in the development of our youth.

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The Importance Of Music Videos to the Audience

To discuss the importance of music videos to the audience, we’ll divide the audience into various categories and discuss them as age-divided groups and an overall view at the end.

We shouldn’t always see the audience as a unit, because all people in different age groups experience music differently.

A lady enjoying a music video (Photo credit: Canva)

To Our Kids

Our children are often easily influenced by music videos. They will rewatch videos, and memorise lyrics and dance moves to show to their friends and family.

The advantage with kids is that improper behaviour learned from a bad example can easily be corrected with reflection and discussion. Once you show your children that it’s not acceptable behaviour and that one should not act a certain way, they will understand it and continue to grow and shape according to your pedagogical beliefs.

To Our Youth

Teenagers are the most open to learning new things and open to the latest trends and influences. By nature, teenagers are driven away from their parents and they find it difficult to correct wrong behaviour.

Music videos play the biggest role in the learning of acceptable behaviour with our teenagers and are also the ones who will follow a certain band or artist for many more years to come.

A band I started 10 years ago, now has the most popular fan base of an average age of 25-35. That means that 10 years ago, these guys were the youth of the communities. I am grateful for their committed loyalty!

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To The Fans

The fans thrive on seeing their favourite artists continue to produce music and visual content. They get to see and hear the music from the artists’ point of view and they try to interpret the meaning of the song objectively.

From a fan’s perspective, seeing a new music video means there’s a new single being released. This builds curiosity and anticipation for even more new music and what the impact might be for live performances.

To Our Older Generation

Many of our seniors enjoy watching music videos and seeing what the youth is up to these days. This takes their minds back to the times when they were young and what was trending in their prime days.

It’s often the case that they are unhappy with the changes and development of the current society, but they are still curious to take a peek at how music videos and entertainment have changed in the modern world.

To The Overall Market

In general, many artists are trying to break through the market to get their share of attention. As saturated as the industry currently is, it seems to always have space for one more newcomer.

Newcomers are important to add uniqueness and new direction to the industry, so they need to leave a little space and open-mindedness for the future of music.

Also when cover bands see success easier, it’s not as easy for them to release music videos since they often get stuck in performing the music of others. If you are still making up your mind whether to become a cover artist or an original musician, my blog post about Cover Artist vs. Original Artist: Which Way to Go? will surely give direction to your decision.

This article was written and published by De Wet from startingmyband.com on 08.08.2023. The content was stolen from me if this blog post is seen anywhere other than on my website.

A band recording their own music videos (Photo credit: Canva)

The Importance of Music Videos to the Artist

The goal of music videos is to promote yourself as an artist and to fill your venues for live performances.

By releasing music videos, you are presenting yourself to the public, whether these are new or old fans. You would want to keep entertaining and inspiring your current fans while you would like to discover and make more fans from people who don’t know your music yet.

The main objective of releasing music videos is to constantly fill our venues, our bookings and keep progressing the venue sizes and increase our revenue.

On the journey in between we should release new music with their videos and keep close contact with our fan base via live stream interaction, building social media stories, and telling inspirational stories around yourself or your band.

The market is very competitive and full of people who are trying to get a piece of the pie. As an artist, you can only try your best to get through and make a difference. Use your networking skills and contacts to get the best out of your chances.

There’s nothing like the feeling of walking into a venue and your music video is playing randomly on the TV!

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The Importance of Music Videos to the Music Industry

To reflect on the music industry as a whole, we’re referring to the labels, managers, promoters, festival organisers, and venue owners.

The release of music videos has a significant impact on the jobs of the people working in the music industry. More promotion will mean more funds from the public eye.

The performance venues will get fuller, the bookings will get filled, and the rates of the artists’ ticket prices can rise slightly.

It is crucial to stay loyal to your die-hard fans and one should find ways to reward them for their loyalty. For example to take pictures after shows or allow a visit to your pre-performance routine.

Backstage passes and VIP tickets are also methods used to increase the revenue of performances where the popularity of artists rose from the constant release of new music videos.

One should stay creative and open to the

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